Amina Arnae and Her Poofy Hair by D. Lovelitt

Caring for natural hair can be a tough task. At Jackson Elementary School in rural Georgia, seven-year-old Amina Arnae is devastated when she is teased about her “poofy hair”. She must trek through the country-side in order to seek counsel from her Auntie to “fix” her hair problem. Along the way, she befriends a girl with a different type of hair problem. Will Auntie be able to help? Or will Amina and her new friend be doomed with hair issues forever? Come along with Amina on this inspiring journey from uncertainty to self-love; and learn the ABC’s, of natural hair care in the process.

This is a cute kids book that helps encourage diversity. I always support my clients by buying their books once published. My daughter loves this. I read it the night I got the book in the mail. She loved that the little girl looked like her, for one, and she thought it was great that the girl was able to accept her hair and know that she was beautiful in her own way. That everyone is different and has their own struggles. But in the end, we can get through them and find great solutions. My daughter is four and was able to understand the self-love Amina was able to gain from talking with her Auntie.

The Adventures of Amina Arnae Series offers children of color a unique opportunity to read about issues that directly impact the African American community. They are able to view and identify with characters that resemble themselves and face situations that they are likely to face in the future. This series aids children in understanding the complexities of the African American experience through a compilation of children’s stories. The series currently has one book; “Amina Arnae and Her Poofy Hair”.  D. Lovelitt looks forward to bringing her readers many more fun and insightful adventures.

I am positively sure that others will love this book for their growing little girls. As mentioned this book focuses on the African American community and I think this is a great way to show our little girls young that just because they are different in many ways doesn’t mean that we cannot succeed. Our young African American kids need to be able to see that we can get through anything thrown at us and instill that encouragement back into them. Check out the link below:

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