Forbidden Gift by Brenda Montgomery

A true story about Brenda who was born with an amazing gift. Her mother told her to ‘hide’ it, and growing up she was made to feel her gift was ‘forbidden.’ How was she supposed to pretend it didn’t exist? It was a huge part of her life and affected more than just her. This book is indeed something that will give you a chill. I know I got one with some of the experiences she has had. An excellent read.

‘Healer of Spirits’ and Medicine Woman Brenda Montgomery offers her energy healing and psychic abilities to animals and people of all ages. It was discovered after Brenda was born that she was gifted with an amazing gift that enables her to see and communicate with the dead. Which led her to many spiritual teachers throughout the years. From a very young age, Brenda was taught the ways of a traditional native shaman/medicine woman.  The knowledge used by medicine people comes from other medicine people who came before them and handed down their ‘medicine’ to chosen ones.

Later Brenda became a Reiki Master Teacher,  Grand Damn Commander, Counselor, and Ghost Hunter and regarded as a Psychic Medium. Brenda learned years later after her parents had died that she was part Cherokee, which made sense that her teachers chose her at seven years of age to carry on the traditions of the medicine woman/shaman.  Brenda now helps people to restore balance to 

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the mind, body, and spirit and to help release traumas that have manifested as physical or emotional blocks so that you can rediscover your essence. Brenda believes that once the balance is restored only then a healing can begin to take place. Brenda loves nature and believes we are all connected in a web of energy, for when the animals and the earth hurt it creates a ripple effect to the people.

Brenda offers these incredible services that will change your life:

  • Online Psychic Tarot Reading: A personal psychic reading with Brenda can have a profound impact on your day and can also provide valuable insight into your past, present, or future.
  • Daily 1 month of psychic tarot readings: For those who would like to receive a daily reading report weekly, for 1 month.
  • Online 3 Card Psychic Tarot Reading
  • Online Reiki Level I Course: Reiki can be used by anyone and is not dependent on one’s intellectual capacity or spiritual development. The teacher simply passes it on to the student. When this is completed you are able to practice Reiki. It is therefore easily learned by anyone. While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion and there is nothing you must believe to learn and use it.Reiki Level 1 benefits include:
      • Increased vitality and creativity
      • Increased sense of peace and wellbeing
      • Increased resilience and strength
      • Increased balance in all areas of life and on all levels of being
      • Increased clarity and intuition
      • Better sleep patterns
      • Initiates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of the self
      • Stronger sense of self and purpose.
  • Online Reiki Level II Course: Reiki Level 2 Intensifies reiki energy and provides you with the method to practice distance(absentee) treatments. Level 2 also brings extended focus to healing on the mental-emotional level. Ancient symbols are introduced to the practitioner at this level and are then used consciously with Reiki treatments.
    • Reiki Level 2 benefits include:
      • Increased Reiki energy
      • Ability to use Reiki to heal at a distance
      • Increased understanding of the uses and power of Reiki healing
      • Increased intuition and self-healing
  • Online Reiki Level III plus Master Teachers Attunement: Level 3 / Master Level which means committing to incorporating Reiki into your life daily.  There are additional Symbols to learn here and also how to teach and attune others to Reiki. Some teachers split this level up into Master Practitioner and Master Teacher, thereby having 4 courses for the Usui completion. 
All of these can be further explained on Brenda’s website:

Image may contain: sky, text and outdoorPlease check her out. You will be amazed at her skills and her story. I was truly in awe at the things that she endured and her story is a testament to what we can be open to as we go through life and the things that we can close ourselves off to out of fear or how society perceives those gifts that we can possess.

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