Learning to Quote Myself by Damien Tillman

Learning to Quote Myself

This book was great. The author is a great poet and has amazing skills in storytelling. I spoke with him for hours about his work because I was in such awe with his ability to form the words artistically so that it was understandable but cryptic. Recommending this book would be an understatement.  I fully enjoyed it to the max. His work is truly inspirational and can be relatable to many young individuals. It speaks about reaching your limits and then surpassing them. The book embodies being able to have more faith in yourself and learning to depend on you more than anyone else because if you can’t believe in yourself, how are others going to?

A Little About Damien

Damien Tillman is a licensed teacher, educator, social entrepreneur, and writer from Brooklyn, New York. Damien’s unique analytical perspective brings a refreshing insight to poetry. He leads the New York Writing Club, a diverse meetup group with over four thousand members where he designs and facilitates writing workshops. Damien is a staunch believer in artists being entrepreneurs. This man has been featured at open mics for the Poets Settlement and Great Weather for Media. His interview with Second Saturday TV is available on his website www.DamienTillman.com.

“I care about originality. I want to bring new ideas to the writing community and do things that have never been done before. I want to add to the collective understanding of writing as an art form. To do that, I explore my creativity, take chances, and try to express myself honestly. I’m an independent artist, by choice. I don’t want anyone else in control of my work, my thoughts, or my narrative. I want to live by my rules and create however my imagination allows me to. The only way I feel comfortable sharing my work with the world is if I own it and can decide when and how it’s shared as well. I’m investing in myself and working to make my dreams come true. I urge you to take control of your dreams as well.” -Damien Tillman

Check the book out at the link: https://www.learningtoquotemyself.com/books

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