Making Fit Happen For Me By Kenya Gray


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standingI had an amazing time with Kenya Gray at her book launch! ❤ Go and get her book on Amazon. It is such an amazing testimony and inspiring how much this woman has gone through and where she is today. I loved helping her through this process! Love the excitement, enthusiasm, and positivity that she oozes. And I found out today that she can sing! Great voice lol. I look forward to seeing the other successes that will come her way.

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Also, it is awesome knowing that my friendship with her daughter since the 2nd grade would lead to this moment. No one realizes the feeling that I get when I am helping others with their stories, ideas, and endeavors in the literary world. It is a high that I can’t get enough of. I get so proud of my author’s successes.

Kenya gives you an intimate look at her life from childhood and shares her personal fitness journey. In this book, she challenges you to look at your own life and how you can overcome obstacles and challenges. This book will encourage you to walk in your purpose and live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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She spoke great words of how fitness is not only about the physical but you need to be mentally fit as well. This is so true. I’ve struggled with being very skinny my whole life and just because I am skinny, and in other people’s eyes “lucky” I wasn’t fit mentally or physically. I needed to have the right mindset to get to my own fitness goals. Sooo many things effect gaining and losing weight for different reasons, and it is all different for everyone. Some people stress eat and no matter what they do in the gym, the weight is going to stay though they are working out physically. And the opposite is for me. When I get stressed I lose weight very fast, no matter how many calories I intake that day or week. It is a mental state that has to be healthy too.

Her book will have a great impact on anyone who needs that inspiration and motivation to press forward in their journeys. Making Fit Happen For Me, available on Amazon!

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