Published by AFG Entertainment!!

Love sometimes is all about perception. Two people can share an experience and see it differently. Follow Pure and Justice on a journey from friendship to love, secrets to revelations, as well as heartbreak and redemption. This book is poetry in motion and definitely a heart jerker. Pure is a shy, strong, but stubborn woman who follows her heart even when her judgment is clouded. She only sees what she sees and only her feelings are law. Justice smart, strong, sexy businessman. One bad experience has changed how he views love so he is unwilling to try again.

This book was different from the urban fiction that I have been working with lately. It was nice to just see the love play out, instead of all the drugs, violence, and sometimes unnecessary drama. I am proud of this author. And yours truly, me, was the editor of such a great project. I enjoyed every second of helping this project make it to the release date. Get a copy now. You won’t regret it. Trust me ^_^

Nadine Frye’s Pure Melody… CLICK HERE!!!






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