About the Business & Woman Behind DML Editing & Writing “While writing is my joyful release, editing is its twin that finds a way to break it down, and build it back up more meaningful and stronger.” -Dominique Lambright

The Business

DML Editing and Writing is the perfect partner for people ranging from aspiring authors to authors who have made it, and are looking to change their team up or add to their current team. DML is personable, trustworthy, honorable, professional, transparent, and most importantly, you can genuinely see and feel that we care about you and your project, going above and beyond; and, taking as much care as you would with your work. We understand how much it means to you. We have great confidence that we can provide you with the right service, cooperation, communication, commitment, and continuous relationship over the years. As well as, a quick turnaround, reasonable to the amount of work presented to us, and staying true to deadlines given to us by the client, or those deadlines stated by us after evaluating the task given to us by the client.

The Woman Behind DML Editing & Writing

My name is Dominique Lambright; I am the owner of DML Editing & Writing. I have a beautiful daughter who keeps me focused on the bigger picture and helps me strive to keep working at being a better person, as well as keeping my dreams afloat. I do everything for her and our future.

I have been writing for as long as I remember. I have loved words since I first learned how to write in Kindergarten. They have become a part of my life that I couldn’t get rid of, even if I wanted to. It has been a consistent hobby turned career choice. I wrote for fun up until about 10th grade in high school, that’s when I knew that I wanted to become a writer professionally. I didn’t quite know how I was going to go about that, but I just knew that was going to be my choice of future work. People would try to discourage me and tell me that I was foolish for wanting to become a writer because writers didn’t make that much money. They sounded crazy to me because of all the books that I had read, and all that was worldwide and best-selling. I didn’t let their words get to me. When I went to college, I enrolled in the English degree program. At first, I chose to do creative writing but changed my mind. I figured if I decided to get my B.A. in English: Technical and Professional Writing, that would look better for the working world. At this time, I got into editing as well. While taking the courses to attain this degree, I also immersed myself in the creative writing electives that they had available to make sure my writing was still progressing.

Well, four and a half years later, I graduated from UW-Milwaukee in December of 2015 with my B.A. in English: Technical and Professional Writing. It was one of the proudest days of my life. I accomplished a great feat, and boy it was not easy. Before I had graduated from college though, my business was a small side hustle. I started in 2012, doing little writing and editing things here and there for a small fee. I had the skills so why not, right? Broke college student trying to make it, ha-ha. As time progressed, it continued to be on and off. During 2014 is when I became more serious about it and tried to get clients outside of college. It went well. I created an account on a site called Thumbtack and went from there. Many people needed the services that I offered, and I knew from there on out I was ready to become a professional business owner. In 2015, I moved away from Thumbtack a bit and officially created my website, dmleditingandwriting.com. I figured if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. Ever since then, I have been happily continuing to build my clientele and business relationships.

What I love about editing and writing the most, is being a part of the process and helping the author complete their work of art. It’s one thing to be an editor who just makes corrections, but actually, to get into the story and bring out it’s best is so satisfying; it’s a great feeling of accomplishment. I love to read, so over time, I studied the different ways that the authors I like, wrote, and then it became more analytical the more I was discovering what I wanted to do. Which got me thinking of what I could contribute to other authors work. I have read poorly written books, as well as award-winning, five stars, no doubt books. Words amaze me, and it has always been that way.

With all of that said, I am a pleasure to work with. I have a great personality, with the ability to go above and beyond. I am a hard worker, I have high determination and initiative, and I am dedicated to all the work that I do. It doesn’t matter the size of the project, or the amount of money you paid for the services, I treat all my projects equal. I even have a few self-published books of my own that I am proud of. Check out below, if you have some time.






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