Dominique was great! She added that extra cost of polish I had been looking for. At first, I was skeptical of how fast I received my manuscript. But when I opened it, I got goosebumps. I was amazed. I’m using her from now on.

-Richarh Aswanu (Author of Asphyxia and Sasha)

More Testimonials

DML Editing and Writing has truly been a blessing to me. The company worked diligently to ensure that my deadlines were met and worked with me financially. They are a part of My Success in completing my book. Thank you again Dominique.

Eva Duncan (Author of Chosen By Design)

My experience with Dominique was awesome! I submitted my children’s book to be edited by her and I had it back within the next business day! I was so surprised at the speed of service. She thoroughly edited my book and gave me the confidence needed to move forward with the process of finishing my book! I will utilize Dominique for all of my future needs!
Brittney Seay (Author of Pete’s Playhouse and Founder & CEO of Brittney and Pals, LLC)

I have experienced nothing but greatness working with DML Editing & Writing. Dominique was very professional and is very talented. I am very grateful that she was able to save my novel. I will be using their services again and recommend others to use their services too. Thank you so much!

Shelita Taylor (Author of The Hands That Once Held Me: Not Just Your Looks)

Dominique is a true professional. She approaches each client’s project with excitement and verve and is timely with her deliverables. She is able to highlight aspects of your writing you may have missed, didn’t consider, and even affirm the message you are trying to share. Working with Dominique was a true pleasure.

Savannah Frierson (Author of AJ’s Serendipity)

As a publisher for more than 10 years, I have worked with many editors. Dominique Lambright; DML Editing &Writing has proven to be a reliable and very professional editing and proofreading service. I greatly appreciate your timeliness, helpful tips, and suggestions to authors; especially first-time authors as well as keeping us abreast of turn around time and return of each project. I thank you for your services and look forward to continuing doing business with you.

Julia Royston (BK Royston Publishing, Publisher )

When I was looking for an editor I had a particular relationship in mind. I wanted someone to do line edits, but to also be able to give me feedback and direction. Being a first-time novelist is scary, your novel is your baby, every word is precious. What developed with Dominique was a safe place to explore the ideas I was trying to express. She allowed space to discuss storyline choices, she questioned things I hadn’t considered and made suggestions that helped with flow. Throughout the process our communication was fluid, I never felt like I was on my own or couldn’t reach out. When we finished our meetings, I felt clear about my goals and direction. Previously, I had tried working with a different editor and found it to be impersonal and confusing. To have this experience with an editor that connected to my manuscript and showed it, was nurturing. I definitely learned a lot and look forward to having her edit my next manuscript!

Feri Tyler (Author of Bubble)

As a new author, I needed an editor that I could lean on and trust.  And that is exactly what I found in Dominique, she was honest and gave me feedback that enhanced my book!  She connected with the spirit and theme of my story right away!  Dominique exceeded my expectations of timeliness!  She helped me meet my deadlines with reminders and encouragement!  If you are a new author or seasoned writer DML Editing & Writing is the one you need for excellence and timeliness!

Rev. Dr. Charlene Phelps (Author of Undignified)

I contacted Dominique at DML Editing & Writing for her services. She was prompt, professional, paid attention to detail, and has great prices. She was always kind and willing to help when I needed things fixed, or had questions. I would definitely recommend DML Editing, thank you for all of your services, kindness, and patience!

Chakeria Woods (Author of Bella Memoirs)

I came to Dominique with an editing project that I needed to be done as soon as possible. I had tried another editor that did not work out so great. When I asked her to edit my e-book she was efficient, timely, and excellent. Not only did she do a super job at editing my e-book she also offered encouragement and had great follow-up. Her professionalism and customer service was second to none. And I could tell that she cared about my book. I truly enjoyed working with her on this project and look forward to working with her in the future. If you are looking for an editor that does not just do the job but puts their heart into it, I absolutely recommend Dominique.

Lamont Jackson (Author of 10 Days of Power)

I enjoy working with Dominique of DML Editing because she is professional and always steps up to a challenge, whether it’s a new manuscript or a new edition. What  I appreciate most, is that she often brings a fresh perspective to the publishing project and provides insightful comments to assist the author in enhancing their clarity, conciseness and story impact.

Dawn James ( PUBLISH AND PROMOTE, Managing Director)

Thank you for assisting me with editing an upcoming book that I’m very excited about! Dominique kept a great line of communication with me, which is vital, and returned the project in a timely manner. I look forward to working with her for future projects. Thank you for adding to my children’s book and making this experience great! I truly appreciate you and your talents. Peace and Love,

Samara Lynch (Author of Rumi Rocks)

I had a wonderful experience with DML Editing!  She was prompt and professional.  I received insightful and useful feedback on my work, in addition to excellent grammatical editing.  I definitely recommend this editor and will be using her in the future!

D. Lovelitt (Author of Amina Arnae And Her Poofy Hair)

Dominique is a pleasure to work with. Her passion for editing exceeds many, and her pricing structure is budget friendly.  I look forward to working with her again in the future

Ali Shakur (Author of Loyalty)

Although Dominique is extremely busy, her passion and dedication make you feel as if you are her only client, and it reflects in her work as well. She provides great feedback and takes your work to the next level. I highly recommend DML editing services and will be using this company in the future.

Kevin James (Author of In A Stranger’s Arms)

Working with Dominique has been and still is a very intriguing experience. To be able to see your ideas cultivate with an added ingredient is beyond amazing. Wow. How can I put a million words into a single paragraph?? I can’t. Dominique went above human expectations when she opened my manuscript. She added the “LOUISIANA CAJUN SEASONING” to it. I look forward to working with DML EDITING IN THE FUTURE. Thank you toooo much for your patience. Greater than great work D. Keep it up.

Foxxay D Howard (Author of The Felony Lane Gang: The Checkboi Chronicles)

I was extremely pleased with the results of the editorial service that I received from DML Editing and Writing. The professionalism that was displayed during the process was above my expectation. I was appreciative to be able to have an open dialog with the person who was actually reviewing my book, and I was excited that the feedback was honest as to assure that I have the best possible product for my potential readers. I would recommend DML to anyone who is writing anything that they want to present to an audience.

Patrick Burton (Author of Why We Sleep With Married Men: The Interview)

Being a first-time author, I really had no idea what to expect.  Dominique helped me through the editing process.  She gave me her advice on how to fine tune my manuscript.  To be honest, she went above and beyond!  I absolutely LOVE the way it has turned out.  I will recommend her to anyone and will definitely use her again!

Tania Dennis (Author of Married to the Corps)

As a writer I have to consider, even if only on the smallest scale, how my words and ideas will be received and interpreted. I worked on and edited my book for three years, adding and removing, adjusting, rewriting, workshopping, turning down offers to publish, as well as asking friends, family, and trusted peers to read and give feedback. I finally got to a place where I felt comfortable putting my work out into the world and introducing the person behind Learning To Quote Myself. Before that, I wanted a professional editor. I made a Facebook post inquiring about professional editors. A friend linked me to Dominique. After checking her website and profile, I felt confident in her skills as an editor. We had a brief discussion, and she clearly explained her rates, experience, and other details. This made me comfortable with inviting her to my writing group on Facebook, the New York Writing Club, where she advertised her services, engaged with other members of the group, shared ideas and thoughts as well as took the time to support other people’s work.

This helped develop a relationship where business was more of a formality than the motivation behind working with her. I want to support her endeavors as she supports my endeavors. As my editor, we were able to talk over the phone, send text messages and have an in-depth conversation regarding my work and ideas. She made herself readily available and was faster than expected in every aspect of the process. The price was fair. She earned what she charged and is someone I feel closer to and have kept in contact with on a personal level. Now I will use her and promote her as an editor moving forward for writers who want someone that they can talk to and get direct feedback from. I consider her a friend who wants me to succeed in my goals. I will continue to work with her; she’s my editor.

Damien Tillman (Author of Learning to Quote Myself)

I had the pleasure of working with Dominique Lambright as an editor for my romance novel.  She was thoughtful and conscientious but most of all, precise.  I knew where I wanted my book to go and with her honest, forthright and meticulous review, she helped me get there.  She didn’t just edit for grammar; she reviewed for content, style and story cohesiveness.  She helped me elevate my manuscript to the next level.  Do yourself a favor and contact www.dmleditingandwriting.com for your next project.  You will be glad you did!

Debra Welch-Sanders (Author of It’s You)

Dominique was efficient and easy to work with. She didn’t get flustered at my many changes and ideas as a lot of editors do and her turn around time was very fast.

The Book of Yaya 12:77 is one of my most important works, and I am thankful to have had Dominique work on this project for me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an editor, including myself in the future.

Ayana Ellis (Author of Book of Yaya 12:77)

Dominique was great! She added that extra cost of polish I had been looking for. At first, I was skeptical of how fast I received my manuscript. But when I opened it, I got goosebumps. I was amazed. I’m using her from now on.

Richarh Aswanu (Author of Asphyxia and Sasha)

DML Editing and Writing was the perfect partner for me. I’m in the process of writing my first book, and from the onset, they were personable, professional, transparent and most importantly, you can feel they cared. They were willing from the get-go to work with my personal situation. Especially being someone new to this writing world, you want to have confidence in the team you’re aligning yourself with to help in completing your work. DML Editing has done just that. I will be requesting their assistance for future editing projects!

Mandi B. (Author of No Greater Gifts)

Dominique participated in the Internship at Gener8tor. She was such a pleasure to work with. She has a great personality with the ability to go above and beyond. She did all that was asked of her and more. She worked hard, showed great determination and initiative, and dedication to all the work she did. Throughout the program, she produced PRs and multiple blog posts for my website. After the Summer Internship, I continued to work with her to publish posts on the website.

Alen M. (Optyn creator)

Dominique is helping me edit my first novel, a 450-page work. She not only guides me in how to dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s, but she goes the extra mile to provide me with a reader’s critique, and she has found others to give a reader’s critique to my work as well. Dominique is a true professional.

Randall V. (Author of The Goldfish Preacher)

Dominique reviewed my resume for me. She helped eliminate “wordiness” and made sure all of my verbs were in the same tense. She also looked at the formatting of the document and offered suggestions on areas to add and delete. She provided a quick turn around time and was true to her deadline. I would highly recommend Dominique.

Stephanie M. (a Teacher)

Dominique was very dedicated. She corrected what needed to be corrected. She will work with you. I will definitely be using her again…very good work!

Libby P. (Nursing student)

She’s a smart young woman. She is honest and honorable. She is worth it.

Micah B. (Entrepreneur)